Details for the journey.

The Kingdom Come journey is a six-week experiment with God. Anybody can do it. In fact, everybody is invited to give it a try.


Provoke, teach and equip.

We use video, audio and design to make the journey an immersive experience. Use these resources as you experiment with the Kingdom of God.


Journey together.

If you have children (or parents), the Kingdom Come journey is best experienced as a family.
Use these resources to start conversations and grow together.


Spread the Kingdom.

If you’re into sharing your life with the internet, we’ll set you up to share your journey experiences too. Find us here:


Share yours.

Kingdom stories can come from anyone. They’re simply examples of people marching or stumbling their way toward God—listening, following, and finding freedom on the other side.


Tools to help you host well.

If small groups are the heart of the journey, then hosts are heart doctors. And in this case, it’s surprisingly easy to be a heart doctor. Here’s a surgical instrument to make you great (we could go with this metaphor all day long).