Family Fight
As a family, experiment with turning away from the kingdom of the world—and toward the Kingdom of God:
1. Walk around outside and pick up one rock or leaf per person (big enough to write on). Use a marker to write your response to this sentence: In the past week, I disobeyed Jesus by _____. (Parents, do it too.)
2. Share what you wrote by saying, “I want to turn away from _____, and turn toward whatever God has for me.”
3. After each person shares, the person on the left should say, “_____(your name), God forgives you and loves you. He’s proud of you for stepping closer to him. May His Spirit draw near to you, and may you experience the blessings that come from this step of obedience.” Then, throw those rocks and leaves as far as you can!
4. Freedom tastes good, doesn’t it? Celebrate by eating ice cream or another favorite family treat.