Frequently Asked Questions

What is a journey?
A community-wide journey focuses the entire church on one topic for six weeks. Everyone—from kids to the old folks—is on the same page, learning about the same topics and growing in similar ways. A journey consists of three parts: the weekend message, small group interaction and individual challenges. For the six weeks of the journey—it is the main thing. Everything else shuts down. Everyone participates. Everyone is challenged.

How can I get into a small group?
Each participating church handles small groups differently, but we do our best to make it super easy to get in a group. You can do something as simple as find a group of friends and designate one person as a host. Some churches use online tools to allow participants to search for groups by location. To find out if your church offers an online group search tool, contact your church journey leader.

I’m already in a small group. Are we going to be asked to split up for Kingdom Come?
We strongly encourage you to expand your group (to no more than 12 people), or to consider breaking up. Given the number of people who are not currently in small groups, and the need for hosts, we’d love for you to consider having your current group split, either temporarily or permanently.

I’ll need to miss a meeting. Can I still be in a group?
Of course. Just let your small group host know in advance when you won’t be able to attend.
If I don’t consider myself a believer, should I participate in Kingdom Come?Absolutely. We welcome people from all different places of their spiritual journey. You will be asked to read from the Bible and complete some individual challenges, but your questions are welcome and expected. Just know your host may not have all the answers; hosts are just people willing to facilitate your experience and are not authorized counselors or Bible scholars. But we are willing to help in any way we can.

If I miss a weekend service during the series, can I still be in the group?
Sure! Our weekend messages are posted online here so you can catch up if you have to miss. The weekend experience is a large component of the journey, but it is just one of three important components. The materials we provide and the small group experience will be of great benefit, even on the weeks you have to miss.

What materials do I need for Kingdom Come?
Personal guides will be available at your church on the first weekend of the journey. An online version of the materials is also available by clicking here. You’ll also want to get your hands on a Bible for the series. Your host will provide group materials.
My host kit doesn’t have challenge cards for Week 2. Are they missing?
Nope! The challenge for Week 2 of the journey is to listen to the Receive CD (one CD for each person is included in the host box). The challenge cards will resume on Week 3.

I’ve got more questions. What should I do?
Relax. We’re here to help. Just send an email to